Patti Casey

Patti Casey has performed at such elite levels of artistry for so many decades – songwriting, musicianship, performance, and social advocacy – that words like “acclaimed,” “magical,” and “transformative” only begin to capture the scope and reach of her talents.

Through five majestic, award-winning albums, Patti has pioneered the creation of a unique New England genre of folk-storytelling-bluegrass whose signature sound has since been imitated yet remains unmatched.

Performing in national and international halls to rapt audiences, Patti sings with a subtlety, maturity, and restraint that belie her considerable pipes. So when the time comes, her deep love of bluegrass and other traditional genres allows her to reach deep into driving rhythms and soar into harmonies that aren’t easily forgotten.

Patti regularly returns to beloved venues for seasonal repeat performances, often with other top musicians, and those sold-out shows are commonly standing room only and often “the toughest ticket in town.”

Music reviewers and award committees have practically tripped over themselves in a rush to give accolades and awards to Patti, in recognition not only of her canon of work, but her luminous stage presence and the warmth of her audience rapport. Those awards include:

  • A Prairie Home Companion’s Talent From Towns Under 2000 winner (MN)
  • Kerrville (TX) Folk Festival Songwriting Contest winner
  • Chris Austin Song Writing Contest winner (NC)
  • South Florida Folk Festival (FL) Songwriting Competition finalist
  • Telluride (CO) Songwriting Competition Finalist
  • Three of Patti’s five albums landed on Seven Days widely watched Top Ten Recordings of the Year

When not writing, performing, and singing, Patti has written and directed music for Burlington’s Vermont Stage Company. She was a founding member, songwriter, and signature lead singer for VT’s all-star Bluegrass Gospel Project. Her album “The Heart of a Waiting Boy” was named Best Album of 2010 by the Times Argus/Rutland Herald, and was the fourth most-played album in the worldwide folk circuit on FolkDJ Radio. She provided soundtrack music for Pasture Productions’ award-winning independent film “The Summer of Walter Hacks,” and for the independent documentary film “Brush and Pen: Artists and Writers of the White Mountains.” She has toured nationally with Vermont’s venerable folk band The Woods Tea Company and with Shady Rill.

Beyond all the awards and positive comments in the press and in music reviews, Patti is widely known for her personal warmth and sense of humor. While her artistry is widely recognized as that of a “performer’s performer,” she is equally known – often called “a crew favorite” – for how fun and easy she is to work with, both behind stage, on stage, and after the shows.