Performances-Hear Patti

The Wicked Fine Players

Kirk Lord – Bass    *    Steve Light – Banjo     *        Patti Casey     *       Colin McCaffrey – Guitar  

“Some music is good. Some music is great. Some music is essential. Patti Casey is essential.”
–Gary Raynor, bassist for the Guys’ All-Star Shoe Band of A Prairie Home Companion

All of Patti’s music is available on her songs page.

To contact Patti directly about performance availability, email bookings

May 2018

May 12, Saturday
White River Jct, VT The Engine Room
With Wicked Fine Players
May 13, Sunday
Jamaica,VT Town Hall 4-6
May 19, Friday
Derby, VT 9 to 11 am, Dumas Station on the Dandy Run

June 2018

June 3rd, Sunday
Wells, NY Wesleyan Church 3pm
With Woods Tea Company
June 17th, Sunday
Quechee Balloon Festival
With Colin McCaffrey

July 2018

July 7, Saturday
Montpelier, VT
Montpelier Farmers Market 10am-1:30pm
July 27, Friday
Newport, VT

August 2018

August 2, Thursday
Montpelier, VT Brown Bag Pocket Park Lunch Series 12 noon
With Colin McCaffrey

September 2018

September 16, Sunday
Montpelier, VT
Hubbard Park Time TBA