Upcoming Performances

“Some music is good. Some music is great. Some music is essential. Patti Casey is essential.”
–Gary Raynor, bassist for the Guys’ All-Star Shoe Band of A Prairie Home Companion

The Wicked Fine Players

Kirk Lord – Bass * Steve Light – Banjo * Patti Casey * Colin McCaffrey – Guitar

-All of Patti’s music is available on her songs page.
-To contact Patti directly about performance availability, email bookings

Upcoming Performances


April 24th, Wednesday
Rochester, NY
Rochester Folkus 7:00
w/Shady Rill

May 18th, Saturday
Derby, VT
Dandelion Run
w/Shady Rill

May 25-26th
Ballston Spa, NY
Gottagetgon Festival

June 7th, Friday
Plattsburgh, NY
Palmer Street Coffee House 7:30
w/Steve Light

June 13th, Thursday
Tinmouth, VT
Tinmouth Firehouse Series 7:00

July 13, Saturday
East Farifield, VT
Meetinghouse on the Green 7:00
W/Colin McCaffrey

September, 27th Friday
Greensboro, VT
Highland Center For the Arts
W/Wicked Fine Band