“Some music is good. Some music is great. Some music is essential. Patti Casey is essential.”
–Gary Raynor, bassist for the Guys’ All-Star Shoe Band of A Prairie Home Companion

An alphabetical list of all Patti’s works is on the “songs” page.They are all for listening, downloading and for sale using our “honor box” system.

Some of Patti’s best known songs are on this recording. With a solid group of musicians from the New England area and beyond, songs such as “Spread Joy Over This Land”, “Into This Night” are recorded here. A rousing instrumental Quebecois inspired medley shows off Patti’s instrumental talents.
Made at the pinnacle of her time with The Bluegrass Gospel Project, The Edge of Grace is a watershed recording. “It All Comes Down” is a powerful acapella performance about the reality of impermanence. “Lonesome You” and “Deliver Me” are on this recording and two of Patti’s most popular live songs. If you only could have one recording of Patti’s, this would be it!
A very simple, yet beautiful collection of old time “torch” songs. “Just an Old Sweet Song” is a showcase for Patti’s voice. With guitarist Paul Asbell as the only instrumentalist, the recording space is wide open to fill with beautiful vocal interpretations of these loved, old time jazz standards.

Under Different Skies is the album where Patti’s songwriting really starts to blossom. Over a decade later, classics like. “Down From Canada” and the beautiful “Old Man” (aka the “Dog Song”) still resonate.
Her first recording at Chuck Eller Studios gives a real glimpse of what’s to come. This is a “must listen” for true fans.

Patti’s Hidden Nuggets

Here are some songs, performed by Patti, that appear on other musician’s releases. Please visit their sites. If you’d like to purchase any of these songs, go ahead. The going rate is a buck a song. We’ll make sure they get it. Just let us know which track you download with your Paypal payment. This is all on the honor system. We promise to pay them, if you do.

  • My Home Is Vermont This cut is indeed a jewel! Written by Carol Abair for entry into the Vermont State Song Contest. It appears on Paul Webb’s “Green Mountain Spring.”
  • Green Mountain Spring Another Vermont-themed song written by Paul Webb and available on his CD by the same name.

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