“Some music is good. Some music is great. Some music is essential. Patti Casey is essential.”
–Gary Raynor, bassist for the Guys’ All-Star Shoe Band of A Prairie Home Companion
Music that isn’t afraid to get its hands dirty on the backroads of life”—-Dylan Waller, Montpelier Bridge

Stories For A Winter’s Eve Returns!

Save the date, December 22 for the 7th year of Stories for A Winter’s Eve. A tradition set in the warm ambiance of The Old Meeting House in East Montpelier, VT. Former Vermont Stage Company artistic director Mark Nash will be joined by actress Kathryn Blume to share funny, poignant, and heartwarming tales of friendship, generosity, and community — stories that remind us of the connections we feel during this special time of year. Ornamented by Casey and Sutherland’s original music, Stories for a Winter’s Eve brings warmth to the season’s long, cold nights and celebrates the turning from dark to light up here in the north country.

Patti Casey, Pete Sutherland, Kathryn Blume and Mark Nash return to The Old Meeting House for the 7th Season of Stories For A Winter’s Eve. Two Shows only 3pm -7pm. Dec 22. Tickets recommended in advance

—Ceres is back on top of the Vermont State House! Thank you to the Vermont Department of Agriculture for asking Patti to sing “Into This Night” to help celebrate this unifying event.

—Here is a new live version of Patti’s song, “Stronger Than That”; a song of resistance, love and compassion. Lyrics are available free. You can still access the original version performed at the Whammy Bar

—Two of Patti’s most listened to songs “It All Comes Down” and “Spread Joy Over This Land” Spread Joy Over This Land are available for download in both mp3 format and….SHEET MUSIC.  The requests for these songs in sheet music format has been amazing. You asked, so here they are (in .pdf format):

It All Comes Down-Sheet Music

Spread Joy-Sheet Music

We’ll email your sheet music to you within 1-2 hours of your submission. You can email us if you don’t receive your .pdf in a timely manner.
You can also listen and download all of Patti’s recordings at her songs page.

fRoots review!

Some folks are hard to please, especially those at fRoots (formerly known as “Folkroots”) magazine. Known as the bible of the folk music world, they have very discerning ears and use their praise sparingly. It was with delight, and not a little surprise, that we discovered that “The Heart of A Waiting Boy” was given a “thumbs up” review in the April issue!

“The Heart of A Waiting Boy” Goes Global

Since its release in late 2010, Patti’s latest release has received worldwide acclaim and attention. Played on radio from Seattle to Brisbane; Isle of Skye to Syracuse, “The Heart of A Waiting Boy” was the fourth most played album on the worldwide folk circuit in February 2011.

These new songs, penned by Patti, cover genres such as Bluegrass, Quebecois, aisle swayin’-hand clappin’ gospel and tender, insightful songs of love.  There is something for everyone.  You can hear “The Heart of A Waiting Boy,” as well as Patti’s other releases,  anytime you like on Jango radio. Listen to what the world is humming.

You can get the lyrics to “The Heart of a Waiting Boy” in pdf format


Patti’s voice is like a caress“—-Pamela Polston, co-owner/founder 7 days